Ochsner Health System - Employee Donor Survey
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1. Have you ever donated with Ochsner Blood Bank?
2. How often to you donate blood or platelets?
In your opinion, do your and/or your fellow team members understand the need for donating blood/platelets?
4. As an Employee, what may have prevented you from donating on occasion or ever? (Check all the apply.)
Do you feel access to a Blood Donor Center or mobile drive is an issue/prevents you from regularly donating blood/platelets?
Please, share your ideas on how we could recognize and/or reward departments and employees to encourage more employee blood/platelet donations.
7. In your experience, what is the best way to communicate the need for employee support of the Blood Donor Program here at Ochsner?
8. What would or does motivate you, as an Ochsner Health System Employee, to donate? (Choose as many options as apply.)
10. What do you feel would be the best way to communicate a new Blood Donor Reward Program to Ochsner employees?